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Arkenmässan 12-14 sept 2008

Respons tackar alla er som kom och besökte vår monter på Arkenmässan i Göteborg!

Vi hoppas att vi snart ses igen!

Här en länk till ett inlägg av en nöjd besökare"

2008-09-14 Arkenmässan
Conference Center Göteborg
2007-03-31 Respons Grand D review
Review of the Respons Grand Dimension in Fidelity no: 26 (nor)
2007-01-05 Respons Grand Dimension
We are introducing a new top of the line model the Grand Dimension learn more here.
2006-10-03 CES 2007
T.H.E Show Las Vegas 2007.01.08-11.
2006-10-01 Grand Artist Dimension
We are introducing a new Grand Artist model; The Grand Artist Dimension
2006-06-09 Arken Mässan 2006
Gothenburg 8-10 Sep.
2005-09-05 Respons Baby Grand
Review of the Baby Grand in Hi-Fi & Musik no:10/2005 (swe).
2005-08-20 Intreview
Interview with Reidar Persson in Hi-Fi & Musik no:9/2005 (swe).
2005-04-07 Respons Baby Grand
Review of the new Baby Grand in Fidelity no: 3 and 4/2005 (nor).
2005-01-28 Artist 2
Swedish listens to Respons Artist 2.
Read the review here
2005-01-15 Respons Baby Grand
The Baby Grand is our High End approach to the stand mounted concept.
2004-10-23 Artist 2
A new 2-way model
2004-08-10 Arken mässan
Gothenburg 10-12 September.
2004-03-28 Respons Grand LE
Test of the Respons Grand Limited edition in Fidelity no.3/2004 (nor)
2003-11-08 Respons Grand on TV
Norwegian television shows a documentary about extreme Hi-Fi.
2003-10-28 The New Respons Grand Limited edition
Our top of the line Grand has changed a lot since the Grand Model from 2000. The sound has reached new heights with a new extreme crossover design, Custom internal wiring and the new Ringradiator tweeter.

CES (T.H.E. Show)
Las Vegas, 2007
(Pic. by Craig, Stereotimes)

CES (T.H.E. Show)
Las Vegas, 2007

Merry Christmas!

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