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It's all about music
We design loudspeakers to satisfy our own hunger for the most realistic reproduced sound possible. If we can make a living out of it, that's just a bonus.

Sound Philosophy
Our sound philosophy is to reproduce the warmth, body and excitement of a live music performance. A loudspeaker should only mirror the recorded sound from the recording microphone and neither add nor subtract any sounds. All frequencies down to the bass have to be reproduced at the correct level. Loudspeakers today usually exaggerate the treble and midrange, which results in a false tonal balance and poor dynamics. At first this can sound impressive in the hi-fi store, but listening to this type of exaggerated midrange and treble will in the end result in listening fatigue. Without a correct bass reproduction, any type of loudspeaker will lack the warmth and body of natural sounds because something fundamental is missing. Every model we manufacture down to our 2- way designs, has to have the same natural character and bass response.

Design Philosophy
It takes many years of listening and testing to acquire the knowledge of how to get a perfect, naturally balanced sound from loudspeakers. The crossover design is without a doubt the hardest one to master. But perfection can't be achieved without the best sounding components. This is why we only use hand-built, point-to-point wired crossovers with 1% tolerance propylene capacitors, temperature stable resistors, custom internal wires and air cored inductors.
The baffles on our loudspeakers are as small as possible and covered with an absorbing felt to minimize baffle reflections. The cabinets are made to be as quiet as possible because if the cabinet resonates it adds extra sound to the music. We only use speaker units with soft suspension, which are able to recreate every little detail from the recordings. This is not possible with a stiff suspension. We also have the ambition to offer upgrade options on older loudspeaker models as new developments are made - if it's physically possible.

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