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Respons Baby Grand  

Two-way, stand mounted, full range bass-reflex design. The cabinet is a 35 mm HD sandwich construction with viscoelastic layer.

1" Scan Speak, Ringradiator
7" Scan Speak, Bass/Mid
Sensitivity: 2,83V 85dB/ m
Nominal impedance: 4 ohm

Frequency response:
40 Hz - 40 kHz
- High frequency response: Full level above 40 kHz
- Echo free: 200 Hz - 20 kHz 1 db
- Low frequency response: -3 db 40 Hz

Hand-built point-to-point wired crossover specified at 1% tolerance
Crossover slopes: 24 db/octave acoustical
Crossover frequency: 3500hz

propylene capacitors
Custom Air cored inductors
Temperature stable resistors
Internal wiring: Custom made. Oxygen free copper wires
Connection: Binding post from Cardas

Height: 41 cm
Width: 29,4 cm
Depth: 39,2 cm
Weight: 20,5 kg each
Shipping dimensions: 54x51x68cm, Volume 0,19m3.One box for both speakers.
Shipping Weight: 1 x 45 kg

Cabinet Finishes:
Standard: Cherry
The Baby Grand can also be ordered in most wood/veneer finishes.


The Baby Grand will change your opinion about stand mounted designs from the first moment you hear it play. It has a bass response unheard of from a loudspeaker at this compact size and the overall performance makes this construction a real competitor to full range designs.

The Sound
It's not a secret that small 2-way cabinet designs are having problems reproducing deep bass especially at higher volumes. Without good bass resources it's impossible to achieve a loudspeaker design capable of recreating the natural warmth from recordings and the feeling of being there. How good this design really is will become obvious to you when the natural dynamics of classical music hits you effortlessly. You will find new details reviled on your favourite recordings or movies and there will be enough bass to enjoy the latest dance music's pumping beats and bass lines. You will experience the same realistically presented soundstage which makes the loudspeakers disappear as with the rest of the Grand models. Musicians and vocalists are presented at their natural height and when things get loud the tonal balance and sound stage will stay unchanged, without harshness or colorations.
You will also notice that the horizontal and vertical dispersion is remarkably good. Even if you move outside the sweet spot the soundstage will stay the same.

The Baby Grand simply redefines the musical presentation expected from stand mounted designs.

The cabinet
The Baby Grand has the same absorbing felt and complex pyramid shape as the rest of the Grand models to effectively reduce baffle reflections. The cabinet is made of a 35mm HD sandwich construction with a viscoelastic layer as all our models which makes the cabinet exceptionally quiet. The cabinet is precision cut on a CNC machine for best precision. All wood veneer is handcrafted for optimal finish. A 34 mm MDF protection front is submitted as standard.

The speaker units
The Baby Grand's driver units are sourced from Scanspeak. We use the highly acclaimed Scanspeak ring radiator tweeter which allows a frequency response above 40 kHz at full level. Even if the human ear can't assimilate information above 20 kHz, the noise level is lower and you will find that the ring radiator is a more natural sounding tweeter in comparison with other tweeters. The straight frequency response above 20 kHz is just a result of its excellent design. The mid/woofer is a version of Scanspeak 7" Revelator and this speaker unit is the key component of the performance coming out from the Baby Grand

The Crossover
The heart of any loudspeaker is the crossover and the Baby Grand's crossover is based on our new Dimension technology. The network is hand-built and wired point-to-point. We use a 24dB-per-octave acoustic slope design with custom air cored inductors and propylene capacitors.

We only use extremely tight tolerances and temperature stable resistors. The Baby Grand's crossover is specified at 1% tolerance throughout the whole signal path. This doesn't tell you much if you don't know that it's not unusual for other high-end manufactures to have a tolerance of between +/- 10-20 %. In order to keep the tolerance at 1% we do not only match every component, we also adjust the crossover for each pair of speaker units we receive, because the speaker units do not always have the same measurements when they arrive from the factory. The Baby Grand is internally wired with a custom designed oxygen free copper cable for best transference and connected with Cardas gold plated oxygen free copper binding posts.

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