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The hi-fi market has changed a lot over the years, as well as the music and image formats. If it wasn't for the growing Home Theater and 5.1 music market, Respons would probably not have produced as many loudspeaker models as we are today.

So how does Respons sound in a Home Theater or multi channel music system? Well, we think we are pretty good listeners but we still turn the DVD off just to make sure that no one knocked on the door or calling us on the phone when watching a movie. It is our loudspeakers natural and uncoloured sound that makes this realism possible. Just imagine what Respons' dynamic and natural sound can do to your favourite car chase or 5.1 music recording. It is common that our customers are so satisfied with the bass they don't feel it necessary to buy a sub.

We recommend that you use the same models as front L, R and center, but a lot of customers use no center at all or a cheaper model as center and are very satisfied with this. Worth to mention is that you will get a very impressive Home Theater sound with modest integrated Home Theater receivers below 1000 €. But as usual; the better sounding components you use, the better the sound will get. If you want an integrated solution; try our active loudspeaker models.

Last but not least. You can't get closer to the master sound than this as our pro users use the same loudspeakers in their studios.

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